Touchpad Wifi issues

Having some connectivity problems with your Touchpad?  I have noticed some stability issues with my wifi in both Web OS and Android.  Pretty sure I can attribute the problem to this:

 Does the Wi-Fi network use a compatible router? Your device is compatible only with 802.11b and 802.11g wireless protocols and cannot connect to an 802.11a or 802.11n network unless it is backwards compatible with 802.11b/g.


In my case I am using a D-Link DIR-615 and I have discovered that when I disable 802.11 n that my wifi is not locking up on the device, nor is my wireless router locking up.

I have noticed reduced throughput – which I guess I should expect with this downgrade.  It is a shame that my other wireless devices need to suffer because of HP’s lack of modern Wifi support.  Perhaps I will just buy another wireless router specificially for my touchpad although that seems like a silly idea.


CyanogenMod – Android running on HP Touchpad

Just to provide some context to this post, I have owned an IPAD for over a year.  I still think that IPADs are the best tablets on the market right now but could not resist the opportunity to purchase an HP Touchpad when the firesale began in late August.  One of my primary goals of using the Touchpad was to load it up with some of my daughter’s movies so that I could get my IPAD back.  I couldn’t have my IPAD out without my daughter wanting to watch “Barbie” or “Mickey” (Mouse).  When I received my Touchpad I thought some of the gestures like closing an app were really cleaver but overal usability put it way behind the IPAD in my opinon.  But since I was primarily using it as a movie player for my daughter, it was serving its purpose.

I have been following CyanogenMod‘s progress and was pretty interested in getting my hands on the software.  I noticed this week that the first Alpha version was out but was not 100% sure I wanted to take the leap just quite yet.  I waited a day or two and noticed that others were having some success so I figured why not. 

I followed the instructions on and had a really smooth experience.  Overall it took me about 25 minutes from start to finish.  I have been pleasantly surprised with the stability of the release.  I have not had any un-expected exceptions or crashes.  Do note that this post has been written about 24 hours after getting it installed so it may still be early but I have used it a manner that I usually use my IPAD and am happy with my experience.

Getting access to the Marketplace was a breath of fresh air coming from the Touchpad App Store.  People like to rag on Microsoft for its app store, the HP store was even worse.  So even though this version of Android does not support all of the applications in the App store I was still able to download and use many of my favorites including:

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Seesmic (Twitter)
  • Angry Birds
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Talk
  • RDIO
  • ESPN SportsCentre
  • The Weather Network
  • Fieldgoal flick game
  • Basketball free throw game
  • MxVideo

I have no ide what the upgrade path is(if one exists) when newer versions of CyanogenMod’s software is released, but I will be eagerly be waiting for the next release.


While loading up Alpha versions of software certainly do pose some risk, in this case it was worth it.  I just wasn’t very happy with the TouchPad and now with Android on my TouchPad I am debating giving my daughter my IPAD so that I can use this device as my primary tablet.  So for those of you who really enjoy your Touchpad I would suggest you just stick with it.  But, for those that are already board of their touchpad and have the skills and appetite for a digital adventure – go for it!  (at your own risk of course)

WP7 – Changing Email Signature

Much like the IPhone, Windows Phone 7 includes an email signature indicating where the email originated.  For some this signature becomes a “status symbol” or at least gently points out that this email was sent from the latest, coolest device on the planet.  In some circumstances, such as corporate environments, this signature may bring some unwanted attention since there are bound to be some users who are still using the BlackBerry 7250.

However, composing emails on mobile devices while on the go are bound to spelling and grammar mistakes for a variety of reasons.  With this in mind, I still want to indicate that the email was sent from a mobile device so don’t expect 100% accuracy and also don’t bother looking for me at my desk as otherwise I just would have used Outlook.

Changing this email signature was not entirely intuitive as you can’t change it from the “Global” email settings.  Here are the steps required to change your settings:

  • Launch Outlook, or other email client.


  • Tap on the ellipse […] label


  • An additional menu will now appear.  Tap on the settings label.


  • Change your signature as you deem appropriate and click the check mark


Note if you have other email accounts enabled on your phone such as Hotmail or Gmail, these settings are all independent from each other.  So if you only want to change your signature for your Corporate Outlook client you can do that independently of your Hotmail account.

Introducing BizTweet

My first app has been published to the Zune Marketplace.  The app is called BizTweet and may be found in the Social category.  The purpose of the application is to aggregate information related to BizTalk and AppFabric.


The app is very simply to use.  You simply select a search term from the list on the left hand list and then click the Lookup button.  You can then scroll through the results on the right hand side.  If a tweet contains a link, you can click on that tweet and you will be redirected to another page in which the URL will be displayed.


This is my first WP7 so keep your expectations low :-).  If there is interest to evolve this application then I will continue to enhance the application.  Please leave feedback below or send me an email. 

Overall, I will say that the SDK and tools that Microsoft provides are top notch and I think the WP7 platform is extremely promising.

Welcome to the new blog

Welcome to my new blog and my introductory post on Windows Phone 7.  I have been blogging about BizTalk for the past few years at and continue to be extremely passionate about systems integration using Microsoft technologies.  Recently, I received my Windows Phone 7, I have been completely blown away by it and have decided to create a new blog to focus on Windows Phone 7.  While some BizTalkers may be interested in Windows Phone 7, I am pretty sure that most people interested in Windows Phone 7 are not interested in BizTalk hence me creating this new blog.

The content of this blog will largely involve Windows Phone 7 usability and potentially some Windows Phone 7 development.  I don’t have a lot of expectations for this blog so we will see where it takes us.

You can reach me on gmail, my handle is wearsy and you can also follow me on twitter: @wearsy