Introducing BizTweet

My first app has been published to the Zune Marketplace.  The app is called BizTweet and may be found in the Social category.  The purpose of the application is to aggregate information related to BizTalk and AppFabric.


The app is very simply to use.  You simply select a search term from the list on the left hand list and then click the Lookup button.  You can then scroll through the results on the right hand side.  If a tweet contains a link, you can click on that tweet and you will be redirected to another page in which the URL will be displayed.


This is my first WP7 so keep your expectations low :-).  If there is interest to evolve this application then I will continue to enhance the application.  Please leave feedback below or send me an email. 

Overall, I will say that the SDK and tools that Microsoft provides are top notch and I think the WP7 platform is extremely promising.


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3 responses to “Introducing BizTweet

  • Saravana Kumar

    Cool Mate, I been doing lot of work in Silverlight for almost an year. I really wanted to post few things, but don’t want to do it on my regular blog, for the same reason you mentioned in your introduction post. I’ll setup something similar. I’m getting more and more excited about SL and WP7.

  • Kent

    Looking forward to seeing your content.

    This is the first time that I have really looked at Silverlight so I do have a ways to go.

  • Kyle

    I have a question about BizTalk that I was hoping you might be able to answer. I am not a BizTalk guy at all, but we had a question posed at the office and I figured I’d float the question and see your thoughts.

    We are an ASP and have multiple environments… Dev, QA, User Acceptance Testing, Production. Some of those environments are in a single domain, say Dev and QA. We’re looking at utilizing BizTalk 2010 and we were looking at the security requirements, namely that there is a single BizTalk Administrators group. Is it possible to have multiple BizTalk clusters in the same domain and restrict access? In other words, can a user be a member of the BizTalk Administrators group but only be able to administer the ‘Dev’ cluster and NOT the ‘QA’ cluster?

    Sorry for the inappropriate placement of the post, but I couldn’t find the right place to post the question.

    Any advice would be very helpful!

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